• Dr. Karen McNay
January 9, 2017

Our high school, along with our sixth and seventh grade girls, welcomed 2017 last Wednesday with a morning assembly featuring a topic women shy away from nationally. High school teachers, Jessica Buckley and Jessica Baker, addressed the lack of women in STEM fields, as well as the technology skills needed in all careers today to be successful in the future job market. From watching one of our two-year old students code, to our middle school robotics projects, to collaborating with students in Gambia, West Africa to design websites, our girls shared current Ursuline STEM projects.

Our two high school teachers along with middle school science teacher, Nicole Williamson, challenged our girls to develop new technology and coding skills to be prepared for the future. Coding requires both analytics and creativity as the analytical world fuses with the creativity often found in the arts to develop software for all career fields. You can read about the high school coding challenge in this week’s high school news update.  

Women continue to be underrepresented in STEM fields, enabling the wage gap between men and women to grow instead of decrease. However, our Ursuline girls have opportunities to build their confidence and skills through our current and future experiences. With our strategic plan setting the course for new STEM programs and the campus master plan's emphasis on STEM facilities, our high school girls will have the following opportunities as they create their 2017-18 schedule: Webmastering, Digital Graphics, Engineering, Introduction to Computer Science, and AP Computer Science Principles. Next year, our science program, Project Lead the Way, will move into our middle school to bring hands-on, integrated STEM experiences for our girls. We look forward to each girl’s future in whatever career she chooses, and we are sure our Ursuline girls will be prepared for the ever-changing global job market.