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June Alumnae Spotlight, Karrington Knight, Merry Mac of 2018

Karrington Knight ’18 was selected as the 2018 Cor Unum Award Recipient by the Ursuline Alumnae Association. The award is given to one senior each year. Candidates are judged solely on their love for Ursuline Academy and their honest expression of what the Academy means to them.

What does it mean to you to be in the 291st graduating class of Ursuline 
Academy of New Orleans?
To be a part of the 291st graduating class of Ursuline Academy, I am full of pride. I am prideful of the grace and strength of the women who have had a hand in what Ursuline is today. The ability to successfully educate and equip young women for such a long time is something I hope to replicate in some form as I enter into my own journey. The educators and mentors, as well as the students who carry the Serviam shield on their hearts, have paved the way for me and my classmates as we leave the cozy halls of Ursuline. Like our predecessors, we will be able to look in the eyes of adversity well prepared to not only overcome it on our own but also turn to others who can help us along the way. Not only can we walk in the light of our other Ursuline sisters but also create and lead the way for those leaving after us. It is in being a part of the 291st graduating class that I will achieve greatness in my life.
In what ways do you feel your Ursuline education has prepared you for the world in which we live?
My Ursuline education has prepared me to speak up for what I believe in and for change. There have been situations where I have seen the need for improvement and felt that action needed to be taken. With even the most difficult topics, administration and faculty have given me the platform to voice my opinions and suggestions while also listening and working with me to revise and better the matter. Getting this practice now will allow me to assess the world in which we live in and do my part to make it better. I will be able to articulate and defend my stances while also using teamwork and compromise to create the best possible solution.
Name the most significant value you learned from Ursuline Academy; please use concrete examples to support it.
The most significant value I have learned from Ursuline is having the confidence to leap even if you can’t see the ground. As an adolescent, I was painfully shy and did not jump at any opportunity to be in the spotlight. As a scared eighth grader trying to find her place in the new realm of high school, I was voluntold to be a reader for Mass. I timidly accepted the task and awaited the dreaded day. That morning with butterflies in my stomach and a cottonmouth, I stood on the podium and read the prayer intentions as best I could. I finished reading, stepped off the podium, and Ms. Joubert asked me, “Ya still alive, right?” Which at the moment was just a sarcastic joke that I easily brushed off, but after reflection, I realized that this question would be my guiding motto for overcoming my fears. By asking “Am I still alive?,” I remind myself that the most obscure or frightening tasks are attainable through planning and preparation, but most importantly - confidence. Like that moment in the chapel, I have consistently asked myself this question in other situations that have given me great anxiety, like running for Class President every year of high school and while shooting my personal best during a tournament. Not only have I used this in my triumphs, but it has also helped me pick myself up in my defeats, like losing the presidency twice. It is because of Ursuline not allowing me to be complacent and shy away from my fears that I strive to live every day by conquering one thing that seems impossible to simply remind myself that I am and everything I do is possible.
What one word describes Ursuline and why?
Diverse. Diverse in that Ursuline provides me with the diversified environment from people to classes that have broadened my perspective and worldview. In the everyday life of an Ursuline girl, you see seniors talking with sophomores, juniors eating lunch with freshmen, and just an overall intermingling of the school. Our Ursuline blue washes away the class mascot colors and unifies us under one family. Not only are we not defined by the different colors of our classes but also the different shades of our skin. As an African American girl, I have never personally witnessed prejudice or discrimination against myself or any other race in my fifteen years in attendance at Ursuline. It is because of this that I have felt so at home in my fifteen years here. While providing an atmosphere where all people feel comfortable, Ursuline has also provided its students with a diverse curriculum that challenges and caters to each of our uniquenesses. I have been able to achieve both by enrolling in the All-Honors Program for all five years where I have learned how to time-manage and prioritize. While challenging myself academically, I have been able to decompress and enhance my artistic talents through multiple art classes, like AP Art, as well as diving deeper into music through my orchestra classes. I believe when one is given the environment to feel comfortable first and then supplied the tools and opportunities to branch out and succeed, the rewards are not only great for the student but also for the Ursuline community as a whole.