Soeur Teresita Rivet, OSU Early Childhood Learning Center

Our early childhood program is inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach to child development. Through discussion and observation, teaching faculty and children work together to identify interests, develop investigative projects, and establish continuous high-level learning. Play is the work of the young child and the open flow of our program enables children to delve deeply into rich materials and spend time in meaningful research.

Children are naturally drawn to new and interesting concepts. The teaching faculty intentionally stimulates each child with activities that extend attention and develop focus. Young minds are wired to understand the world around them.

The program is consistently organized and planned to ensure that the curriculum evolves as children grow. From Toddler 1 through Kindergarten the children are exposed to increasingly complex concepts. The early years are a time of rapid, yet highly individualized development, necessitating the continuous evolvement of the curriculum to meet the ever-changing needs of each child.

The schedule offers a balance between active and quiet activities incorporating time and opportunity for children to make mind–body connections. As children physically experience content, learning is heightened. Religion, art, music, science, math and language are integrated in all activities providing the children with many ways to develop cognitively, physically, emotionally and socially.

Blending the rich historical traditions of Ursuline Academy and the current best practices in early childhood education, we offer a wonderful mixture providing numerous opportunities for children to explore, discover and develop!