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  • High School at UA

    High school is a time to try new things, discover and explore interests, form lasting friendships and make clear strides towards college and beyond. We designed our academic program to challenge our students to grow as individuals with unique gifts and talents.
  • Our Support System

    For our students, Ursuline is a second home and classmates are family. Ursuline’s faculty is committed to seeing each student succeed and our students never feel lost in a crowd. Teachers are available to meet with students on a regular basis during office hours, but our teachers always extend themselves far beyond these designated times. The Counseling Department works closely with teachers to identify struggling students and provide them with the help they need to succeed. Counselors also address scheduling, the college application process, and personal counseling for each student.
  • Academics & Much More

    Ursuline students take math, science, English, social studies and religion each year. Students take two credits of health and physical education, two consecutive years of a foreign language, and at least one fine arts credit. If a student loves the performing and visual arts, we offer drawing, painting, sculpting, piano, orchestra, choral music, dance and theater. If she wants more science, social studies, computer science and English, we offer many electives in those areas as well.
  • ChromeBooks in the Classroom

    As part of our 1:1 program, each high school student is issued a ChromeBook. Integrating this technology in the classroom helps engage students, offers powerful collaborative and in-class possibilities, and enhances twenty-first century skills.
  • Honors Program & Advanced Placement

    Students in our Honors Program take honors-level courses in math, science, social studies and English; three years of Latin; and at least two years of a modern foreign language. Upper-level honors students will take Advanced Placement classes in math, science, social studies and English.