Elementary school is a time of explosive learning. It’s also a time for children to establish good learning habits and to begin putting them into practice. We believe students learn best when:
  • They are actively engaged in the learning process
  • The whole person is respected, including her emotions, beliefs, interests, goals and feelings of comfort and safety
  • Teachers maintain high expectations and develop comprehensive learning plans
  • The curriculum is varied, giving all students an equal opportunity to learn

First and Second Grade

First and second grade students are challenged to become fluent readers through shared, guided and independent reading, as well as lessons in word structure. Instruction in grammar reinforces skills such as spelling, sentence structure, capitalization and punctuation. Science and social studies themes are integrated across the curriculum and are enhanced by projects. Hands-on group activities and experiments are conducted in the lower school science laboratory. In addition to fact practice, math concepts such as time, money, temperature, graphing and patterning are taught daily. An emphasis is placed on writing through creative, informational writing lessons and journal writing. Classes in French, physical education, computer, art and music meet twice per week. Relevant and up-to-date technology tools are incorporated to encourage critical thinking, problem-solving and decision-making.

Third and Fourth Grade

Our third and fourth graders develop vocabulary and interpretive skills by reading and discussing fiction and non-fiction literature. Creative writing, book reports and essays encourage writing proficiency, along with the teaching of proofreading skills. Social studies units begin to focus on Louisiana history, U.S. regions, geography and economics. Math challenges students with daily problem-solving exercises and assignments, accompanied by periodic cumulative tests. The scientific method, weekly experiments, and unit tests provide hands-on science learning. Experiences are enriched through the use of our lower school science lab. Through religion classes, students develop their relationship with the Church. Classes in French, physical education, computer, and art meet twice per week. Music curriculum for 3rd and 4th graders includes a weekly orchestra class and a weekly general music class. Students use iPad minis to enhance problem-solving, productivity, research and collaboration skills.