June Alumnae Spotlight

Kimberly Reese, Merry Mac of 1991
"I often tell my friends it was at Ursuline that I learned the meaning of real girl power. At Ursuline girls did everything. We were the leaders, organizers and facilitators. If something needed to be moved, we got together and moved it. Ooh to be an Ursuline girl!"

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Distance Learning

Made Seamless
The end of the school year was quite different from what we expected, but in true Ursuline fashion, we did not miss a beat. Ursuline did not miss one second of instructional time. Teachers and students left on a Friday, prepared to begin online classes first thing Monday morning. This seamless transition has proven successful for students ranging from Toddler 1 to 12th grade.
Online instruction with younger students consisted of pre-recorded videos, assignments, and other resources posted to Google Classroom. Show and tells were conducted allowing students the chance to engage. Guest videos from teachers, administration, and staff provided additional learning opportunities such as story time, virtual field trips, and more.
Lower through high school students received video instruction through Google Hangouts as one of their many learning tools. Through distance learning, students were able to receive feedback on classwork and art projects, view instructional videos, break into small groups, and check-in with teachers during office hours for additional support. In addition, school counselors reached out to students and families with support tips. And in high school, students were able to virtually meet with the campus minister and dean of students to address any issues and answer questions. Daily announcements, prayer, and a growth mindset curriculum for high school offered a sense of community while supporting the individual student.
In addition to the solidity of instruction were student council executive board meetings, a Google Hangouts rosary with students and staff, private piano lessons, administrative meetings, and board meetings just to name a few. While Ursuline's historic State Street campus sat empty, its mission carried on across the 50+ zip codes that it serves. What's said about Academy foundress, St. Angela Merici, could not be more true when describing this time of world pandemic - when given two choices, Angela chose a third. Ursuline students and teachers have gone over and above to face the challenges given to them. They pushed on through daily instruction and interaction and made the very best out of these uncertain times - taking learning to the next level. 

GiveNOLA Day

And the Winner is...

Thank you so much for participating in Ursuline Academy's campaign for GiveNOLA Day. Your support helped us raise $16,740. We had 163 donors and our alumnae were 91 of those supporters.  I can't thank you enough for your unwavering dedication to continue our mission to educate our trailblazing girls who will undoubtedly be the future leaders of our world.
Below are the results of the decades challenge.
A huge congratulations to the 1970's! Although the 1960's and 80's were giving the 70's a run for their money. 
Here are the final results:     
1940's - 1 
1950's - 5 
1960's - 17
1980's - 19
1990's - 13
2000's - 12
2010's - 4 
Again, your efforts help continue to drive our mission and sustain our campus. 
More than ever, we need to continue to remind our community how essential Ursuline Academy has been to the pillars of social justice, education of women, and the support of this city. Your love and steadfast support has been one of the reasons why St. Angela's mission continues to shine through to future generations.
- Mariana Coudrain, SAF Coordinator

Happy Retirement!

Elizabeth "Lizz" Harney '76

Elizabeth "Lizz" Harney, Merry Mac of '76, has been teaching Chemistry and Environmental Science at Ursuline for the last 13 years and was the moderator of NHS for 12 of those years. Of course she has been connected to UA much longer than that. Lizz says "Ursuline has been a huge part of my life -  as an elementary and high school student, a parent, a grandparent, a faculty parent, a faculty member, and 44 years as an alumna."
She has held many roles while at Ursuline and even had the chance to work with her daughter, Meghann Harney Rooney, Merry Mac of 2006. Meghann taught elementary art at Ursuline for the last 2 years. Lizz's grandson, Arthur, was also a student in the Early Childhood Learning Center (he would have been a Merry Mac of 2036!)
Lizz's colleagues had such great things to say about her and what they will remember about her. Stephanie Carton says, "She is fiercely independent, incredibly thoughtful, and one of the toughest and most respected teachers on campus. Students often return to explain how much she prepared them for university and future careers. She is never too busy to listen to a colleague or offer advice, and she will be missed." Natalie Vitrano recalls, "She is a dog lady and has two little ones. She was one of only two teachers who really embraced me when I first came to Ursuline. She made it a point to help me navigate my very scary first year at school and I will never forget that. She loves Stevie Nicks." Susan Young states, "I first met Lizz when she came to Ursuline to teach in UA's science department. Her specialty was chemistry, a subject I struggled with in high school. After observing Lizz over the years, I became convinced that if I had had her as my teacher, I would have found chemistry fascinating. She had a love of her subject, and like all great teachers, found a way to share her passion with her students. Lizz invited excellence from her students; she worked hard and expected them to do likewise. Her students routinely did well at District and State Rallies and found themselves acing their college science classes  She was also generous with her time - many a day she would come into the library during her lunch period and wind up at a table tutoring students. By her example and dedication, Lizz has been responsible for many of our girls choosing careers based in science. She is a credit to her own chemistry teacher, our beloved Sr. Ruth, and it was fortunate for Ursuline that she came back home to teach. I will miss talking to Lizz about her other interests - travel, photography, and music - and wish her all the best in her Connecticut life!"
Lizz, Meghann, and Arthur, your Ursuline family will surely miss you and we thank you for your years of dedication to and love of UA!

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