*Contact the Office of Admissions - admissions@uanola.org - if you have any questions regarding your family's enrollment.*

Welcome to Lion's Link for the 2021-2022 school year - an informational page for our newest Lions and their families. Here you will find helpful information on tuition, uniforms, supplies, upcoming events, etc. We are so happy to have you as part of our Ursuline family!

Blackbaud Parent Portal:
This will be your tool to track your student's grades and stay in touch with teachers, as well as completing many of our start of the year forms.

Setting up your Blackbaud Account
  • Go to ursulineneworleans.myschoolapp.com/app#login
    (Alternatively, you can also go to uanola.org and click "Login" on the top right corner.).
  • Click "Forgot login or First time logging in?"
  • Type in your primary email address
  • Click the boxes next to BOTH options (username and password)
  • Click Send
  • Check your email for further instructions on your username and setting your password. Once set up, you will access it
    from ursulineneworleans.myschoolapp.com/app#login or the Login button on uanola.org.
  • If the system asks for further information (first and last name), provide that information. If that does not work, please contact support@uanola.org with your full name, child's name, and email address.  Our System Administrator will then help you access your account.
Required Parent Forms
Once logged in, you may see a yellow banner at the top of the screen informing you if you have forms to fill out. Click on that banner to go to the forms and complete them.

Student Forms and Accounts
If your child is in 4th grade or higher, she also has student forms she will need to sign in her own Blackbaud account. New students will need to wait until they set up their email account before they can set up their Blackbaud account.
Campus Bookstore:
August 2 - 27:
Mondays, Thursdays: 7:30 - 8am and 2 - 3:30pm
Tuesdays, Wednesdays: 2 - 4pm
Fridays: same day orders by email only to bookstore@uanola.org
For pickup at the front door, please email bookstore@uanola.org, call (504-212-6811), or order online.
Aftercare (T2-7th):
*click to learn more*

Contact Area Manager Rowena Wright at (346) 666-3494 or rwright@kindercare.com, Site Director Mallory Martin at (504) 388-9742 or aftercare@uanola.org, or Family Support at 1-800-246-2154.

High School (8th-12th)


We utilize the MBS Bookstore (link below) to help streamline textbook purchases.

In your daughter's Blackbaud account, view her list of courses under "Course Requests" and match these with courses listed in MBS. If a course is not listed on MBS, either the school will provide the text or a text is not needed. 
Rather than following a specific list of supplies, we want to make sure your daughter begins each day with the materials she will need to engage in school work. Please make sure she has daily access to the following:
  • Pens and pencils
  • Loose leaf paper or notebooks
  • A way to organize her materials for school, whether this is with folders or a binder
  • Calculator:
    • Pre-Algebra: any basic scientific calculator
    • Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, Calculus: TI 84+
    • Advanced Math Dual Enrollment: TI-30X

High School Uniforms



BASKETBALL tryouts (8-12th)
*tryouts passed*
Questions: Coach Kris Goff, kgoff@uanola.org

CHEER tryouts (8-12th)
*tryouts passed*
Questions: Coach Ashley Shirer, hs_cheer@uanola.org

DANCE tryouts (8-12th)
*tryouts passed*
Questions: Coach Italia Moore, hs_dance@uanola.org

VOLLEYBALL evaluations (8-12th)
*evaluations passed*
Questions: Coach Juan, jjuan@uanola.org

Elementary (1st-7th)



For 1st-7th supplies, you may use the list(s) below to purchase all items on your own. Or you may use School Tool Box to purchase all items prepackaged to be delivered to your home.

Elementary Uniforms



DANCE tryouts (5-7th)
*tryouts passed*
Questions: Coach Janae Neely, coach_jneely@uanola.org

Download the Ursuline App!

Visit your phone's app store and add the Ursuline Academy New Orleans app. This new app will allow you to access the school calendar, the dining menu, Plus Portals, and so much more! All parents who have the app will also receive special notifications from the school for dress down days, special events, etc.