May 9, 2021

“In today’s fragmented world, where we risk losing our bearings, a Mother’s embrace is essential. How much dispersion and solitude there is all around us! The world is completely connected, yet seems increasingly disjointed. We need to entrust ourselves to our Mother. In the Scriptures, Our Lady embraces any number of concrete situations; she is present wherever she is needed.”
– Pope Francis, January 2019

Just as Our Lady is present wherever she is needed, so are our earthly mothers. Today, we celebrate the special moms in our Ursuline family. We also recognize those mother figures who are present in the lives of our Ursuline girls – whether they be teachers, administrators, mentors, coaches, or our own Ursuline Sisters. St. Angela Merici encourages us to “act in such a way that they may always follow your example.” Starting in the early stages of life, mothers set important lifelong examples for their children. They nurture and guide their young – providing a sense of strength and stability.

That same sense of strength comes from Mary. Through her example, our earthly mothers are blessed with the innate ability to nurture and care for their young. As New Orleans Ursulines, we pray to Mary under the title of Our Lady of Prompt Succor. Patroness of both our city and state, Our Lady is known for her quick help and divine intercession. Today and always, may she continue to guide us through her daily presence in our lives.

To all of our Ursuline mothers, we wish you a blessed and Happy Mother’s Day!

Cor Unum,

Dr. Margarita O'Byrne Curtis '69
Dr. Karen G. Jakuback