Welcome, Head of Elementary and Elementary Dean of Students

We are excited to announce the 2018-2019 leadership for our elementary division. This past year, we were blessed to have Mrs. Shannon Culotta join our Ursuline family as Elementary Dean of Students. We are pleased to announce that Mrs. Culotta will assume the role of Head of Elementary. Her leadership, warm disposition, and love for our Ursuline girls reaffirms that she is the best choice in continuing to advance the mission of Ursuline Academy.

We are also excited to announce a new Elementary Dean of Students. Please welcome Ms. Andrea Estavan to our Ursuline family. Ms. Estavan joins us with a wealth of knowledge in both leadership and student formation. She holds a bachelor's degree from Southern University. Ms. Estavan started her career in education as an elementary and middle school teacher. Through her display of strong leadership qualities, she quickly advanced after excelling in both classroom management and discipline. Her vision for success involves creating a formative climate within the school setting. Her experience in working with both elementary and high school students over the last nine years has provided her expertise in student relations and school-wide procedures. She is excited to serve in the role of Elementary Dean of Students as she gets to know our Ursuline girls and work alongside them with student activities. Ms. Estavan is eager to join our family and is looking forward to a great school year.