Ursuline's 71st Rally Day!

On October 19th, 2018, the Ursuline High School came together to celebrate the most exciting event of the school year: Rally. The Eighth Grade Leps, Freshmen First Mates, Sophomore Macs, Junior Sioux, and Senior Skips have been working since August to prepare for the competition. In an effort to display their class pride, love of Ursuline, and exciting spirit, every Ursuline girl celebrated the Feast Day of St. Ursula with joy.

The Leps, led by Co-Class Presidents Emilie Petitbon and Emma Scobel, began their Rally journey with the theme: “Leppa Mia,” bringing the gym to life with songs from ABBA. The eighth graders enjoyed cheering loud, dancing proud, and rocking their shamrocks.

The Freshmen First Mates celebrated their second Rally Day going around the world with the theme “First Mates’ Voyage.” Class President Sweden Ledet led her class in an amazing exhibition cheer, and the First Mates rocked the boat placing second in the poster category.

The Sophomore Macs have joined the ranks with their shiney new converse and plaid sashes. Without their big sisters, the Macs rose to the occasion and brought their best. Led by their Class President Audrey Baldo, the Macs debuted the theme “Macs Surfin Rally” as a tribute to The Beach Boys. Placing second in Mascot, Relay, and Volleyball, the Macs made their big sisters proud.

“Here Come the Sioux” made its mark under Class President Kathleen Keen. The homage to the Beatles showed the Sioux’s determination and excitement for their junior Rally Night.  The juniors took home second in Exhibition and Spirit, and won the Spirit Day competition along with first place in Volleyball and Relay.

For their last Rally, the Senior Skips buckled in and prepared for their final blastoff. Lead by Class President, Megan Harold, the Skips gave it their all and made the most of their final mission. “Skips’ Final Blastoff” was the best way for the Skips to end their Rally journey. Taking first in Poster, Mascot, Exhibition, and Spirit, the Skips will never forget their last Rally.  

                                                                                                                                              Megan Harold, Skip of ‘19