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St. Angela's Feast Day Service

"You have more need to serve others, than they have to be served." - St. Angela Merici

Nearly 490 years after St. Angela Merici formed the Order of St. Ursula, the Ursulines of today continue to serve in the same spirit and charism of St. Angela and her first Company. We reflect on the many blessings that this year's St. Angela's Feast Day service brought our parents, students, faculty, and staff. Girls from Toddler 2 through 12th grade opened their hearts, minds, and hands to serve others. From our own Ursuline Sisters to those in homeless, shelters, assisted livings, schools, etc. - the spirit of St. Angela was alive! Our Ursuline community is blessed beyond measure!

Senior Caroline MacLaren reflects on her last service day:

"For the past 10 years, I have spent my time at Ursuline attending the annual trips to various parts of the community in venture to serve others. This day, honoring our patroness St. Angela Merici, was always a normal part of my time at Ursuline. I’ve always valued service at my school, St. Angela’s Feast day being a vital element of that. However, it was, as I’ve said, a normal part of my life. This year resonated with me deeply not because of where we went, but because of what it meant. I had the opportunity to plant trees alongside my class at the Woodlands Conservancy in Belle Chasse. The day ran away from us and before I knew it, I was sitting in the auditorium once more for our usual reflection of the day. As per tradition, we watched a slideshow that consisted of various pictures from everywhere that different students went. The laughs and giggles with the passage of each slide along with the music echoing in the room brought about a familiar comfort that I had not really noticed until that moment. There was a warmth that filled me and my emotions overcame me. It took everything in me to hold back tears. It was difficult for me to understand why I was so filled with emotion from the room until I really thought about it later that day - I was overcome with an immense amount of gratitude. I wasn’t upset because it was my last St. Angela’s Feast Day, for I know that the spirit of this day will carry on with me beyond my time at Ursuline. I was just so appreciative of that moment, of the message of Serviam I have learned and lived at Ursuline, of the incredible mark a woman who I have never met before could leave on me. It awes me that when I will soon leave Ursuline, what I will take with me is more than just an education. I will carry on with the gifts of compassion, kindness, fortitude, independence, patience, humility, fearlessness, and a desire to serve others. I don’t think it was until this moment in the auditorium, amidst my entire school, that I noticed how incredibly thankful I am of such gifts. The foundation of who I am - beyond my education - has been built by Ursuline and by the incredible bravery of St. Angela hundreds of years ago. To think that all of that traces to one, strong woman with the attitude of serving others amazes me."