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Lessons In and Out of the Classroom!

One special member of the UA community who has had an impact on my life is Mrs. Delatte, she has taught me for four out of my five years in high school. This year, Mrs. Delatte is currently teaching me AP Calculus along with many other life lessons that will help me in my future. Not only does she care about my dedication to my grades and me succeeding academically, but makes sure I am a well rounded student by empowering me to achieve all my goals. One specific way Mrs. Delatte has had an impact on my life is how she has treated me as an individual since the first day I walked in her classroom- always welcoming me with supportive arms and an enthusiastic smile. She shows me that I am worthwhile as a student, I have potential to impact the Ursuline community, and most of all that I can be a leader inside and outside of the classroom. She never ceases to ask how my day went or spend a little extra time in the morning to get to know me before class starts. Mrs. Delatte also spends plenty of time with me as a Student Council Moderator. A large piece of why I am E-Board President is because Mrs. Delatte has made sure one of the gifts God gave me, leadership, was used in a way to spread compassion throughout our school. Proving that I had value, Mrs. Delatte empowered me to take my leadership skills and always work at improving them in order to serve others the best I can. Thanks, Mrs. Delatte, for all your hard work! Ursuline appreciates you!

Casey Talbot, Skip of ‘19