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Honors Chemistry Skypes with Alumna

We love when our Ursuline girls learn from our alumnae! Honors chemistry students Skyped with alumna Brennan Ferguson '11 yesterday and were able to ask her many questions about her education, occupation, etc.

As a research scientist in training getting her doctorate in Environmental Engineering at Clemson University, Brennan has worked on seven different research projects covering topics like exploring potential cancer cures, developing a carbon neutral fuel source, and understanding how nuclear contamination moves through the environment. She graduated from Ursuline in 2011 and received a B.A. in Chemistry and Environmental Studies from Alfred University in New York. Brennan loves presenting at conferences and traveling to different research labs which included all-expense paid trips to Columbia-Valley, Washington; Washington DC; Denver, Colorado; Stanford, California; Boston, Massachusetts; Barcelona, Spain; and all over Germany.