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Learning about Vocations

On March 14th, the Servants of the Lord and the Virgin of Matara, more commonly known as the ‘Servidoras’ could be found walking the halls of Ursuline Academy in their noticeable blue habits. Visiting all the way from their Mother house in D.C., these sisters spoke to our middle school classes about religious life and their own journey of saying ‘yes’ to Christ in their life. Our Ursuline girls were intrigued and inspired by the youth, vibrancy, holiness, and authenticity of the sisters.

Kelsa Marie 7th Grade: “ Ms. Paola, you are a true definition of love, confidence, and passion for God! Your devotion to God is amazing and inspiring too! I hope that you can travel the world, helping people learn about God. You’ve taught me a lot about God from just telling your story. I hope you come again. Keep telling your story!”

Maia 6th Grade: “ Dear Sister, I have never had that great of a time in religion class, and it was because of you! You taught me so much about life as a sister. I was so inspired by what you were saying about how you wanted to be closer to the Lord. Life as a sister seems like the best life ever! I want you to come back soon again, I have so many more questions! I was also so inspired also by the things you do on Saturdays for your apostolate! I loved you visiting Ursuline and hope you come again soon.”

Corinne 5th Grade: “ Sisters, You have inspired me to love God 10x more that I do now. You have taught me to realize more in life. I want to thank you for teaching me this.”

Lexy 6th Grade: “ Sisters, we had a blast asking questions and having you visit us. The fact that impacted me most is that you have to live in full poverty. You inspired me that you also live in obedience. Lastly I am going to pray for you, that you can live out the life of Jesus.”