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Dining with Deb!

Dining with Deb is an event put together by distinguished alumna Deborah Augustine Elam ‘79. This meal was organized “by women, for women, and to celebrate women.” Ursuline Academy’s Entrepreneurship class and members of Student Council were able to be in the presence of many strong women who were willing to share their stories and leadership skills. I was able to learn about the courage it takes to go against the grain and believe in myself to be the leader I am called to be. Women need to be their authentic self, taking every chance to show others who they are and what they stand for. Women need to be effective leaders and able to connect with their peers. Through this we, as women, are able to show our confidence in ourselves and will never have to ask ourselves the question, “Am I good enough?” We all will bring these key points back to Ursuline Academy to ensure voices are heard and that we become the next generation of influential women to take the world by storm! Thank you, Deb, for bringing the supportive and empowering community of Ursuline Academy to women everywhere!
- Post by Casey Talbot, Skip of '19