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Beyond Our Borders Commissioning Mass

The Ursuline commitment to Serviam: I will serve, was alive in yesterday's Academy Mass. Our high school service immersion program, Beyond Our Borders, gives Ursuline girls the opportunity to experience a piece of the world outside of New Orleans and bring a part of that experience back to the entire Academy. Students who participated in last year's program in Ecuador were called up to receive a special reminder of their experience. This year's group was called up to have their hands blessed by last year's group. In religious uses, anointing with oil has the purpose of consecration. Objects and people are often anointed to designate them with the sacred purpose of serving God. 

This year's group of students and faculty will travel to serve Bethlehem Farms in Appalachia. After this special blessing, the entire Ursuline family was commissioned to go forth and continue a life of service to others.