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July Alumnae Spotlight, Kimberlin Pittman Brown, Skip of 1995

In what ways did your Ursuline education prepare you for the work you’re doing now? 
My Ursuline education is something that I reflect on regularly. I work in healthcare and am often having to be the decision-maker with processes or the implementation of new initiatives. As I have advanced in my career, Ursuline prepared me to stay humble and stay hungry. Humility allows me to always try to understand the needs of others and seek out ways to do good for all, and not just because it may benefit me or someone I am around. As a nurse, I encounter people from all walks of life and various socio-economic backgrounds. My Ursuline background allows me to see the entire person and their family and not treat them as just another patient. Hungry, not in the sense of looking for physical food, but hunger for me is wanting to learn more, wanting to do more, and the drive to understand cultures and communities and how to best serve them. Whether we are talking about healthcare disparities or the opioid epidemic that is affecting everyone to some degree, I am hungry to help make a change by educating and empowering families to live better lives that are rich in quality and seek out help when they are sick, whether physically, mentally or emotionally. Mental and emotional fitness/wellness is equally as important as taking care of your heart. And we have to embrace and encourage each other to do this and offer support. We all need each other and we need to eliminate topics being taboo--if it affects your life or your family's life. We need to have a safe circle or village to help walk with us during the trying times.
Please describe the most significant value you learned from Ursuline Academy. 
Sometimes you are meeting patients at the lowest point in their lives. Since you may encounter them when they are sick - it means they may not always be pleasant or have a spirit of gratitude. Ursuline taught me that even when the situation is tough, act with purpose and do the right thing. Ursuline taught me to not be afraid of having courage. UA instilled in me that to have courage is to do the right thing, even if no one is watching or if there will be no recognition. Courage is not always popular, unfortunately. If you know you have done all you can and you can walk away with an internal sense of "I've done the right thing," you just might be the real MVP. And if you're not the MVP today, there is always tomorrow to try again. 
Describe Ursuline in one word. Explain.
This is tough. One word?  If I give one word, it will leave me feeling as if I’ve neglected some of the other words I know. Okay, if I had to give one word to describe Ursuline - CharacterHomePerseverance. Is it against the rules for me to make my own word?  Ursuline is character. Character is not always born in the good times, it can often show up and present itself in the worst or toughest of times. State Street is great because it has added character from the beauty, charm, and history that engulfs Ursuline, both inside and outside the building. Character is a seed being planted in each of the girls at Ursuline, regardless of race or age. The character seed that is being planted creates a boldness to learn and embrace thinking outside the box; character to not be afraid to ask questions; and character that once you know better, you are obligated to do better. And the added bonus, not only are the girls leaving with character based on their learning and walking the halls - everyone around them…teachers, counselors, and support staff are also molding and remolding their character. 

Kimberlin holds a Bachelor of Arts in English, with a minor in French and a Bachelor of Science in Biology. She holds an MBA and will graduate later this year with a Master's in Nursing Leadership. Kimberlin has worked in various nursing roles but her two favorite areas of nursing are pediatrics and mental health. She is currently the Nursing Manager at Coram/CVS Specialty Infusion. She is also the owner of Stage and Tell, a boutique home staging/interior styling firm. In her free time, she enjoys shopping for antiques, decorating, and couponing. Kimberlin is also an Ursuline mom. Her daughter, Maci, is starting kindergarten this fall. Kimberlin is a proud Skip of 1995.

We are excited to announce that Kimberlin will serve as Co-President alongside Amber Randazzo Peskin '99 (pictured right), who served as 2018-2019 Alumnae Board President.