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All Things Gorilla!

Our 4th grade Ursuline girls are reading The One and Only Ivan by K.A. Applegate in Mrs. Doney’s reading class. This book is based on the true story of a captive gorilla, Ivan, who has spent most of his life behind an enclosure in a shopping mall. In this cross-curricular activity, the girls watched a live stream from the gorilla exhibit at the Houston Zoo in Mrs. Lefante’s science class. They saw the keepers readying the enclosure for the gorillas. They were hiding food and enrichment items throughout the enclosure. One class was lucky enough to see a gorilla walking across a log bridge with a huge leaf. Another watched as the gorilla was searching for the food that had been hidden. The students also watched a live feed from the Gorilla Forest Corridor at the Grace Center in Kasugho in the Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. They were thrilled when they saw a troop of gorillas foraging and hanging about. The students are using information from the San Diego Zoo website to help them to make a list of the needs of gorillas. They are also using this list to design an enclosure that meets all of their needs. The finished projects will be displayed in the hallway outside of the science lab to help bring awareness to other students in the lower school.