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A Eye-Opening Mission Trip

This year's Beyond Our Boyders trip took place at Bethlehem Farms in Alderson, West Virginia. Bethlehem Farms is a Catholic organization known for serving the local community and teaching idividuals sustainable practices. A group of juniors and sophmores were chosen to go on this mission trip during the summer of 2019, where they learned the importance of service, prayer, simplicity, and community. The girls involved were Ally Veron, Sophie Shields, Camille Black, Haley Tingler, Olivia Elam, Isabelle Giangrosso, Taylor Sontag, and Riley Talbot. Throughout their journey together, the girls became closer and enjoyed giving back to the community. Camille Black, from class of 2020, reflected back on her experience at the farm and said, "Bethlehem Farms was an extremely influential and significant experience in my life. We learned how to be more sustainable by not using our phones, conserving water and electricity, and not wasting food. We also learned the importance of service in our lives and the lives of others. The greatest thing that came out of our trip was not only the lessons we learned at the farm, but how we implemented them in our lives today, in our families and communities." 
- Macy Jones, Sioux of '20