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First Grade Election

Our 1st grade leaders put the UA in USA! These Ursuline girls hosted "Red, White, Blue, and YOU! First Grade Elections" for their friends and family. In a cross-curricular project, they used technology, music, and art classes to take campaign photos and write speeches using their iPads and Google Docs, learn and perform the Star Spangled Banner, and create campaign posters using mixed media.

These confident Ursuline girls delivered their speeches to a large audience of voters. Candidates have taken stances on everything from new playground equipment to days off for teachers to baking cakes to being kind to others and saving sea creatures. They sure have our vote!

On October 11th - International Day of the Girl, and everyday in between, we believe in every Ursuline girl. We always have, and we always will. We know that they will change the world. Afterall, learning from varied perspectives is how we teach our girls to build a better world.