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Ursuline Celebrates the 72nd Rally!

On October 18, 2019, Ursuline High School united to celebrate their 72nd Rally. The gym was filled with parents, alumnae, teachers, and students as they anticipated the entrance of the Eighth Grade Leps, Freshmen Phoenixes, Sophomore Skips, Junior Macs, and Senior Sioux.  
The Eighth Grade Leps, led by Cecilia McLellan, was first to introduce their theme, "Leps, Camera, Action." They sang and danced loud and proud about Hollywood and flashing lights! The Junior Macs were definitely proud of their little sister class!
The Freshmen Phoenix introduced the new Ursuline mascot, the Nixes! Their theme was "Phoenix Save the Day." They filled the room with energy with songs from famous superhero movies. With the help from their class president, Emilie Petitbon, the Phoenix placed first in volleyball! 
The Sophomore Skips have joined Rally with their fresh white gloves and sailor hats! Class president Sweden Ledet and the Skips debuted their theme "A Dream is a Wish the Skips Make." Without their big sisters to cheer them on, they rose to occasion and showed dedication and spirit! They took home second place in volleyball and relay, making their big sisters proud!
Junior Class President Karen Stiegler and her fellow Macs were totally radical with their theme: "FlashMAC to the 80s!" Their tribute to the 80s showed determination and excitement for Rally. They placed second in spirit, and won first in exhibition, mascot, and poster - making this a Rally the Junior Macs will never forget! 
The Senior Sioux celebrated their last Rally and the last Sioux class to ever be at Ursuline with their theme "So Long Sioux!" Class President Analise Marshall led the Sioux into victory! They took second place in exhibition, poster, mascot, and first place in relay and spirit. This will be a Rally Ursuline will always remember and cherish! 
- Emily Nguyen, Mac of '21