Entrepreneurs Enter Crazy Ideas Challenge

We are so excited for our Ursuline girl entrepreneurs! Three of our seniors, Analise Marshall, Ally Veron, and Abbey Price, were chosen as semi-finalists in the Trust Your Crazy Ideas Challenge presented by Junior Achievement of Greater New Orleans and The Brees Dream Foundation! Over 2,500 students from nearly 25 school throughout the Greater New Orleans area participated and this UA team was one of the teams chosen! Added bonus - the chance to meet the New Orleans SaintsDrew Brees AND take a picture with him!

Read more about their crazy idea:

The Unprinter is a revolutionary new version of a basic traditional printer with the ability to vaporize ink from paper. The vaporizing process allows the customer to reuse the paper and the ink. Our product will provide a solution to every accidental printing error, save paper and ink, bring convenience to our customers, and save money. The Unprinter is like no other printer. The Unprinter has the possibility to monopolize the market. This competitive advantage will allow our company to thrive. The closest competitor to the Unprinter, Toshiba, uses multiple bulky machines to erase printed ink from paper. However, the ink is not removed. Toshiba’s design requires a multi-step heating process to make the ink colorless. However, the ink is still there and visible when tilted in the light. The Unprinter will vaporize any ink with the green laser, completely removing any trace of ink. After vaporizing, the Unprinter can capture the ink in cartridges and be used for later prints. Our product is sustainable in both the paper and the ink, as you are able to reuse. Cutting fewer trees and using less ink, our product is saving the planet one unprint at a time.

This Ursuline team will participate in the JA Idea Accelerator workshop series throughout the Spring and will pitch their idea at The Big Pitch on March 13, 2020.