Kindergarten Skypes with Author

Our Kindergarten Ursuline girls Skyped with author Shanda McCloskey, writer of the tech book "Doll-E 1.0" in tech class today. She read her book to them and also taught them how to draw one of the main characters from the story! The story is about a little girl who is super tech savvy and gets a doll for a present, but doesn't know how to play with it. She wants it to talk so she uses its voice box and some other supplies to program it to talk. The girls wrote their own little programs on Scratch Jr., showing a doll moving and talking.

Ms. Nubia will be making dolls in studio with the girls that they will then bring to tech class to use Makey Makey (interactive invention) cords to "program" their dolls to talk when they are touched. These will be displayed at the Ursuline Arts Festival on April 29th. We can't wait to see them in action!