2nd Grade Unveils Timeline

We surprised our 2nd grade students with the unveiling of an Ursuline timeline that THEY created! This timeline now hangs right outside of our campus museum. 

During the first semester of the school year, the second grade students studied timelines in their social studies
curriculum. As part of a cross-curricular project between social studies, art, music, and technology subject  areas, the students toured The Old Ursuline Convent and researched the important historical milestones in
Ursuline’s history. Each girl was in charge of making a document of a special event in Ursuline’s history –
illustrating a depiction of the historical event along with an informational caption. The individual documents  were brought together in chronological order and designed into an acrylic masterpiece to be shared with the Ursuline community. The second grade students were taught the "Hymn to Our Lady of Prompt Succor" in music class.