Carried by Grace during Hurricane Katrina

Hurricane Katrina was the first and only time since their arrival in 1727 that the Ursuline Sisters did not have a presence in New Orleans. "An eyewitness viewing the evacuation from the convent declared that it was a heart wrenching sight to see Sisters Damian and Joan Marie, siblings, who were the last Ursulines to leave, siting in a boat as evacuees, ready to begin the journey from the city the Ursulines had served so well for 278 years. She noted that their leaving was a historic occasion as memorable as the journey made by pirogue by their foundresses up the Mississippi River to the fledgling city of New Orleans. The Ursulines, it was said, left as their predecessors had come, with their faith in God and their devotion to Our Lady, their unwavering source of strength." - Katrina: Our Story, The Ursuline Sisters of New Orleans

"We had 'held everything in common' just as the early Christians did. And we had gathered daily as a community around the Lord's Table. It was an incredible experience of being carried by grace. God indeed provided for us 'wonderfully' as St. Angela promised." - Sr. Carolyn Marie Brockland, OSU