International Dot Day

Our elementary artists celebrated International Dot Day. International Dot Day is based on Peter Reynold's book "The Dot" and is celebrated in elementary art rooms all over the world. For their project, our Ursuline girls had to "think like the main character Vashti" to experiment and create as many different types of dots as possible. First through third grade students studied famous artists like Howardina Pindell and Yayoi Kusama, who used different types of dots in their artworks, for inspiration.

All elementary grades participated in a collaborative mural based on Yayoi Kusama's interactive "Obliteration Room". The mural begins as a white space which visitors are invited to cover with stickers. Over the course of the school week, the "room" was transformed from a blank canvas into an explosion of color, with colorful dot stickers stuck on every surface. It truly makes for an awesome display in our halls!