First Grade Put the UA in USA!

Our first grade trailblazers put the UA in USA! These Ursuline girls recently learned about citizenship in their cross-curricular courses - inspiring the to run for office! Within these cross-curricular classes, they used different mediums in art to create their very own campaign posters and buttons. They also wrote their own speeches and typed them using iPads and Google Docs.

Since COVID restrictions wouldn't allow them to present to an audience, they used their creativity and made virtual speeches! In tech, the students were able to use a green screen to record their campaigns from a press podium. In music, the girls learned two patriotic songs and were able to sing them together to build community. The candidates took stances on everything from giving to those in need, being kind to others, and even saving the sea creatures! These girls truly found their voices to support causes they believed in and with that, they have our vote!