Inaugural UA Marketplace

Our 2nd grade entrepreneurs made history with the inaugural UA Marketplace! Through cross-curricular, project-based learning, these business women each brainstormed a product, created a logo and slogan, and collectively created a UA Marketplace jingle. They sold their handcrafted home goods to their lower school peers at the campus marketplace. Proceeds from their sales will purchase a Buddy Bench for the playground.

The purpose of a “Buddy  Bench” is to support a student who is feeling lonely at recess.  She can sit on the bench which, is a signal that she needs someone to play with her. Another child will see her, and will go and talk to her and include her in recess play. The  “Buddy  Bench” is a simple idea to eliminate loneliness and foster friendship on the playground. It is a way to spread the message of inclusion and kindness! 

Click here for their UA Marketplace commercial. Click here to see it featured on WGNO News: