Gayle Benson - 294th Commencement Speaker

"If I could offer one suggestion to all of you, especially in today’s communication climate of tweets, texts and emojis, it would be to take the time to invest in making personal connections with those you work with, your family and friends.

Earlier I mentioned that much of my resilience has been fueled by my faith. I cannot begin to describe to you how essential my Catholic faith has been to me throughout my life and career. It has sustained me through my hardest times and been a comfort and inspiration to me every day. You have been given the blessing of receiving a great education at a historic Catholic institution.

As you move on from Ursuline, I hope you will continue to make your faith a priority in your life. I understand the pressures you will be under and how busy you will be as you take your next steps in life. I have found the most important thing I can do is to find time during the day to focus on my faith in little ways that keep me connected and help guide me.

The investment you make in your faith will, perhaps, pay the greatest dividends in your life. It certainly has for me."

- Mrs. Gayle Benson, New Orleans Saints and New Orleans Pelicans Owner and 294th Commencement Speaker