Lions Soccer challenge a talented H.L. Bourgeois

Under threat of heavy rain, the Lions challenged a talented H.L. Bourgeois squad on Soccer Field Drive Saturday afternoon.  After a third minute score by a Bourgeois senior, the Lions buckled down.  The match was hotly contested in the first half with steady play from junior Goalkeeper Jenna Hoisington making four solid saves with dauntless support from intrepid junior Mae Ying Stock-Bordnick, enterprising sophmore Isabella Suarez, resolute sophmore Ava Pelletier, and unflinching prefreshman Aribelle Holley.  The offense took charge with explosive drives downfield by artful senior McKenna Brannan and scheming junior Emma Scobel.  The Lions had four shots on goal / the Braves had ten shots on goal.  The first half ended with the throngs of soccer fans ready for more from this tight match.

The physical play continued in the second half, as spunky freshman Gracie Frank took duties in the net for the injured Hoisington.  Braves were a quality side with accurate passing - arduous for our Lions to successfully challenge. The hard fighting Braves scored a few, but that did not deter our strong willed Lions.  After winning several challenges against the Braves' blue chipper, Holley went off with an injury. 

The gritty Lions offense was not to be held back.  Battles raged in the midfield with improved passing from determined prefreshman Lillian Wiseman.  Then, on a brilliant pass from BrannanScobel shredded the net with an eruptive goal. Hugs went around briefly, then it was back to business.  Pelletier took a rather physical challenge from a Braves player which resulted in a yellow card for the Braves player. Once again, the Lions were stubborn in working runs into the Braves penalty box.  Only the referee blowing the final whistle ended the Lions last run.

 Against a talented opponent our Lions gave their all.  After the match Coach Mason said, "That game was certainly closer than that scoreline reflected, we played very well.  Last Year, we were down 6-0 at half.  This year we held it to 1-0 at half.  We're making steady improvements while battling injuries."
Each time out improvements are evident.  More soccer to play for this young team.  Next up, Covington on Friday in Covington at 5:30 p.m.  The soccer world is excited about our team!