Ms. Martin Celebrates the Lunar New Year in Literacy

This week in literacy Ms. Martin's class is studying author and illustrator Grace Lin. Grace is a Taiwanese-American who grew up in New York. Grace writes stories that reflect Asian-American families- something she said she didn’t see in books when she was a young girl. Her stories are filled with beautiful details and colors. 
To go along with learning about author Grace Lin, students "flew" to Asia to learn about a much anticipated day of the year - Lunar New Year! Our girls read her story “Bringing in the New Year” to learn about how families celebrate this special holiday. 
Lunar New Year celebrates the beginning of a new year of luck and prosperity. The Lunar New Year is celebrated with a big parade, fireworks, handmade puppets, and of course, spending time with family. The important colors for Lunar New Years are red and yellow. 
In class, students wrote about what they might see at Lunar New Year, created their very own Chinese-inspired paper hand fans, did a counting and writing around the room activity, and completed a guided drawing tutorial of a tiger led by Grace Lin. 2022 is the year of the tiger and their illustrations came out so cute!