Lunar New Year Art

Our 2nd grade Ursuline girls participated in a Lunar New Year cross-curricular project with Social Studies, Art, and Music. In Art, the girls worked on several different projects to create a vibrant display that served as a backdrop for their music performance. First, the girls created ceramic Chinese Zodiac animals. "Year of the Dog" was a particularly popular subject with the girls. 2022 marks the "Year of the Tiger" in the Lunar Calendar.
The girls learned important symbols for the Lunar New Year Holiday. - one being the Hoa Mai flower in Vietnam, a popular flower during Tết. The Hoa Mai blossoms are a symbol of spring, happiness, and good luck. Hung from the Hoa Mai branches are little red envelopes. The girls used yellow paper to create the Hoa Mai blossoms using the art of origami. In countries that celebrate Lunar New Year, it is customary for children to receive red envelopes containing money. Finally, the girls studied Ming Pottery designs that originated in China. They recreated similar motifs found on the porcelain pottery using blue paint.