4th, 5th, and 6th Grade Soccer Gets Seasoning

The 2022 UA 4th through 6th grade Soccer team challenged themselves to develop into a powerhouse this year.  The style of the team was characterized by ball-hungry, aggressive play crowned by dominating possession.  Captains for the team were Lydia Brown and Reagan Williams.  Defensive leaders for the team were goalkeeper Alexa Jefferson, center back Bethany McCormick, center back LaRaji Jones, and wing back Erin Williams.  The scoring leaders for the team were winger Malia Marigny, and winger Nyla Tate.  For another year, experienced Coach Brannan marshalled the team into battle.

Fearless Captain, midfielder 6th grader Lydia Brown jesterly commanded the midfield and offensive play for the squad – taking free kicks and corner kicks.  Lion-hearted Captain, defender / goalkeeper 6th grader Reagan Williams directed play from midfield to the back line – taking throw ins and goal kicks.  Intrepid striker / winger 6th grader Lilly Fischer led the squad with elite cleats and steady wing play and pressure on goal.  Valiant midfielder 6th grader Laci White played like an egoalmaniac with inspired positioning wide so she could feed the wingers and challenge opponents. 

Relentless, fiery striker / winger /defender 5th grader Sawyer Jones found a home on the front line over the course of the season.  Amazing striker / defender / goalkeeper 5th grader Angelica Anderson relished playing anywhere on the pitch, but really enjoyed playing striker.  Impressive goalkeeper / defender 5th grader Alexa Jefferson started the season playing defense, but soon wanted to play goalkeeper – having a banner season by saving a penalty kick in one match.  Resolute midfielder 5th grader Savannah McCombs battled with elite cleats in the thick of each game for control of the midfield.  Fantabulous midfielder / defender 5th grader Bethany McCormick used her powerful left foot to steal the ball from attackers.  Wing-footed striker / defender 5th grader Nyla Tate demonstrated speed and power in knocking opponents off the ball to spark attacks on goal.  Spectacular winger 5th grader Gabrielle Davis inspired with her aggressive play, especially in the Lusher game, attacking the ball and going for the goal.

Wondrous winger 4th grader Malia Marigny held fast to her wing and made dangerous runs up the line into the target area.  Incredible winger / midfielder 4th grader Tilly Boyles proved herself to be a real warrior in contending for possession control in the midfield.  Mighty winger / midfielder / defender 4th grader Ava Ernst was on fire with several key possessions and playing through a hard knock injury without letting it bother her.  Unremitting defender 4th grader LaRaji Jones commanded the backline and challenged all attackers as she returned clearing balls out of our penalty area.  Unfaltering defender 4th grader Erin Williams teamed with LaRaji in fiercely stopping passes and runs by the opponents and making passes out wide for our midfield to get re-started.  Audacious midfielder / defender 4th grader Londyn Beard impressed as the architect of midfield intricate passing and took shots on goal when she was in range.

This very exciting team to watch - qualified for the New Orleans Athletic League Tournament.  The team played against evenly matched opposition in Louise McGehee in one playoff game and showed very well.  In a semi-final match versus a stronger opponent, the team was really in a pinch.  Our exhilarating team wrangled with the well-coached, very disciplined Metairie Park Country Day School Cajuns.  Our girls knew it would be a tough challenge and vowed to believe in their process and preparation but fell short.  Our girls changed the dynamic from the first time they played the Country Day Cajuns – this time in the playoffs - getting several quality opportunities on goal.

This was a special season for our girls and families.  These have clearly been some of the best days of our lives – so far!

Very Proud to be a Lion!