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Faculty Present on STEM Collaborations at National Girls School Conference

An Ursuline girl is innovative, global, and ready to practice what she preaches!

High School teachers, Jessica Buckley, Kaitlyn Delatte, and Jessica Baker, all presented at the National Coalition of Girls Schools (NCGS) Education Innovation Conference in Washington D.C. Ursuline Academy is one of only 4 schools in Louisiana who is a member of NCGS.

Mrs. Buckley presented about her experience with Level Up Village and how they helped our girls "Walk the Talk" by combining global collaboration with computer science! Read more about their experience here!

Mrs. Delatte and Ms. Baker presentation, titled "Real World Relevance of Math and Science," outlined the development and implementation of a cross-curricular project focused on the development, diagnosis, and treatment of breast cancer, a real project that Ursuline's Biology I and Algebra II classes completed this past year. The presentationl highlighted ways to frame traditional content knowledge in a way that helped our students make connections between various disciplines while also investigating topics that have relevance to their real life experiences.