Sudden Impact Presents Mock Crash

Sudden Impact, developed by University Medical Center (UMC), helped Ursuline host a “mock crash” on campus Friday, January 12. All sophomores participate in the Sudden Impact program, and the “mock crash” presentation is designed to serve as a follow-up to the program. Hosted by UMC, Louisiana State Police, New Orleans EMS, and the Orleans Parish Coroner’s Office, this presentation has the goal of teaching our students, parents, and guests what happens after the crash.

The “mock crash” is just that—a representation of a crash that has occurred and the multiple agencies that respond to address the situation. In our scripted scenario, four of our students in two vehicles are leaving a New Year’s Eve party. One of the students has been drinking, causing the two vehicles to collide with one another. In the scripted scenario, one student sustains minor injuries, one sustains major injuries, and one student is killed. All of the students (and parents) involved in the accident experience the emotions of such a poor choice. The Louisiana State Police, the New Orleans EMS, and the Orleans Parish Coroner’s Office all respond to the emergency and demonstrate the many steps taken to address the scene of the crash.

We would like to thank everyone who attended, and especially thank those who participated in this powerful presentation. It is such a success presentation because of the hard work that all of these agencies and our students and their parents have devoted to it.