Ursuline Heads to Mu Alpha Theta Convention in Baton Rouge

On Thursday, March 22, 12 students, along with Mrs. Gerwitz and Mrs. Long, departed the UA campus to attend the Mu Alpha Theta State Convention in Baton Rouge,LA. With a pi-rate theme this year, the girls competed in three rounds of math team games, and two individual tests that were taken on Thursday night and Friday. There was some time carved out for fun, but most of the convention was spent solving math problems. The girls were enthusiastic and competitive to showcase their math skills. Junior Cindy Nguyen placed 14th in the Theta Algebra II Area test, while junior Amelia Jacquat placed 4th in the Alpha Trigonometry Area test. Congratulations to Cindy and Amelia for placing and to all of the girls who participated in the state convention!
                                                                                                                                             -Post by Sarai Bartley, Skip'19