Sioux of 2017

College Acceptances

Madison Vise: United States Naval Academy

Senior Retreat

Senior Sioux joined twelve alumnae and eight faculty members to spend two nights at the Rosaryville Spirit Life Center in Ponchatoula, Louisiana. This special experience allowed our girls to form closer bonds with God and each other, led by the alumnae who gave insight and perspective into life after Ursuline, and how to grow as a young woman in both faith and self. Everyone enjoyed sharing personal stories, laughs, tears, and making amazing memories that will carry them long past graduation.
How has your Ursuline experience prepared and motivated you to apply to your dream school?  
Ursuline, not only being such a unique and diverse academy, but one with an amazing focus on individual development for the betterment of the community is extremely attractive. I was so lucky to attend Ursuline for the last six years because it has given me so many opportunities to grow, but more importantly to learn my role in serving others. With these amazing experiences and opportunities, it was no shock I was drawn to apply somewhere unique, challenging, and focused on development of self for the community. Ursuline has given me the foundation I need and motivated me to pursue a career dedicated to service and sacrifice.

How do you feel now that you have been accepted?
It's surreal. There are no real words to describe the feeling that proceeded when I got a phone call from Congressman Steve Scalise notifying me of my appointment to the United States Naval Academy. I was completely overcome with emotion. Usually I do not always celebrate in my achievements, but in this instance, I was calling people left and right thanking them for everything they have done to get me this far. Overall, I feel more driven and determined than ever. In the next five months, I will embark on the hardest journey of my life. It's time to start making preparations physically, mentally, and morally, and I have Ursuline to assist me with that.

Annelise Ernst: Brown University

How has your Ursuline experience prepared and motivated you to apply to your dream school?  
College applications require you to “dig deep” and attempt to somehow convey who you are through short snippets, numbers, and essays. When I began to reflect on how I could accomplish this daunting task, I realized that my application and story would not be complete without displaying Ursuline’s role in my life and how it has become a part of me. I reflect on my time at Ursuline and realize that it has formed me into who I am today; whether it has been through facing heavy course loads, developing relationships with faculty members and friends, or simply exploring new clubs and activities, I have only attempted to give back to Ursuline all it has given me. College-wise, the Ursuline community has constantly been a supportive, accepting, and loving place where I can challenge myself academically yet also find ways to stay true to who I am as a person, cultivating passions and values in the process. Ursuline has not only developed me quantitatively, but it also has fostered the qualitative side of me in ways that I take for granted: Serviam, the value of community and sisterhood, and opportunities for me to explore my passions in order to develop my true self. This has helped me discover my goals for the future as well project the values I have found at Ursuline into my college search. Additionally, Ursuline has only ever built me up and allowed me to be comfortable with who I am; therefore, taking a giant leap to apply to my dream school was something I knew I could accomplish, regardless of the end result. Finally, as I navigated the college application process this past semester, I noticed one common theme in my essay responses, interview answers, and extra-curricular descriptions: they all contained my experiences at Ursuline. I truly believe conveying my passion for Ursuline in my application gave me a special voice, the voice of a true Ursuline girl.

How do you feel now that you have been accepted?
Honestly, I am still in shock. I had convinced myself that I wouldn’t get in, so finding out quite the opposite was so exciting and emotional. Brown has been my dream school for close to two years now, and seeing myself achieve that which I could only dream about makes me realize how thankful I am for everyone at Ursuline for supporting me in everything I have done. Whether it's been through teaching me in class, being a positive role model, friend, or simply a part of the community at large, I know my life would not be the same without Ursuline’s influence. I am so excited to see what the future holds for me at Brown, to explore new academic areas, to finally discover the season of winter, and to meet people of all different backgrounds and beliefs. However, though I will be attending school thousands of miles away, I will always hold Ursuline true to my heart. I can’t wait to take on my last semester at Ursuline enthusiastic as ever!