August 7, 2017

Do something, get moving, risk new things, stick with it, get on your knees and then be ready for big surprises.” 
                       -St. Angela Merici
Welcome to our new families and welcome back to our returning families. As your daughter enters the 2017-18 school year full of new opportunities, I invite you to open the door for her to greet each day with a positive mindset. Each day brings forth times of discovery, success, failure, perseverance, and courage. A young woman who can learn from life’s ups and downs, muster the courage to proceed, celebrate success, and embrace the positive is one who succeeds.
Supporting your daughter through these daily opportunities means letting her share her day, her successes, and especially her mistakes. Ensure she understands she is loved, and most of all she can handle her life. For each girl, she must be empowered to know she will persevere. Through supportive love and encouragement, the greatest gift a parent can give their child is confidence in their unique ability to solve problems.
Ursuline’s administrators have worked hard throughout the summer to prepare for the upcoming school year. We are excited about our new programs from high school college and career counseling, AP computer science, AP art, and AP Chemistry II to Project Lead the Way in middle school and high school. Our girls have new opportunities!
We look forward to your daughter as she does something, gets moving, risks new things, sticks with it, gets on her knees in prayer, and then sees the wonderful surprises ahead of her.