September 4, 2017

The 2017-18 school year is off to a fantastic start! One way, being that our middle and high school girls join our youngest students in PLTW activities. Project Lead The Way is the perfect venue to try ideas, discover successes, and process failures. In a time of instant gratification, our girls rarely experiment with mistakes, learning from trial and error. Googling the answer to a problem has its advantages but also can be a drawback, reducing thinking through the solution. Problem-solving appears to be a lost art, yet this very activity brings the greatest joy during learning. 
How as parents can we help our daughter problem-solve? Here are some helpful hints:
•    Encourage curiosity
•    Resist the urge to solve problems.  Reframe the problem instead.
•    Celebrate tenacity, when your daughter is determined to solve the problem.
•    Allow her to view the problem from every angle. 
Give your daughter some independence.  Without feeling capable, she will never develop the confidence to take a risk to problem-solve. She needs to develop creative thinking, the ability to see things in different ways, brainstorm and take risks. Creative thinkers are not afraid to fail.  Critical thinking requires she analyze a situation and break it into parts. She can sort and classify things, recognizing similarities and differences.  When a student puts creativity, curiosity and thinking together, she is a accurate observer and will solve the problem. Parents need to encourage her along the way!
We invite our elementary families to join us on STEM Night, September 27, to be a problem-solver. This event is a perfect father-daughter or mother-daughter experience to have fun and problem-solve as you complete a PLTW activity.