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Fourth Grade Presents Greek Fest

On February 24, right before Mardi Gras break, 4th grade presented Greek Fest to parents, friends, and some of the younger grades. The girls had been studying 4 Greek myths and 3 Greek plays, and they compared them to made judgements about the values that were important to ancient Greek life. At Greek Fest, they performed the plays, created Mardi Gras floats about a myth they choose to research, and collected Greek allusions from other texts, movies, Mardi Gras, and pop culture.

Here are some thoughts from the girls that helped introduce the day to our guests:

It felt like I was brought back to ancient Greece and was living out the lives of others
. -Marbella Maristany
I learned that you can't get anything done when you start to fight. -Riley Bonnet
I learned it isn't hard to find Greek allusions because they are everywhere.  For example, in New York I saw a truck labeled "Midas Touch Transportation." -Mackenzie Caballero
I learned how to be a better teammate. -Madi Salaverry
I learned to be a better friend and person. -Mia Laughlin
In Greek mythology, I learned about our unique city and began to see allusions that I didn't know we had in our city until this unit. -Caydance Anderson
I learned responsibility to learn all of my lines. -Soraya Morris- Parker
This unit taught me life lessons like in "A Tale of Two Spinners" not to be boastful, in "The Midas Touch" not to be greedy, and in "Pandora's Box" not to be too curious.  I also learned to always have hope when there is despair. -Paige Zippert