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Freshmen Present Passion Play

On April 12, the freshman class performed a Passion play for students from St. Benedict the Moor, as well as elementary and fellow high school students. The freshmen have been working with St. Benedict for their year-long service project (previous visits have included reading to the students, playing games, working on religious activities, and teaching them about God). The ninth grade students have been working on the play for the past 7 weeks, and served as the writers, directors, producers, and actors for the entire production. They also created all of the costumes as props.

The girls first led us with a short prayer service to recap the purpose of the Lenten season and give time for silent reflection. They play itself was moving and meaningful, and ended with an incredible acapella rendition of "Mary, Did you Know?" by ninth grade student, Mia Ditta.

Everyone did a fabulous job and it was a great way to end our Lenten season at Ursuline before the Easter break.