Join us for High School Open House on Thursday, October 26 from 4-6 p.m. Meet our students, ask questions, tour our 11.5 acre campus, explore classrooms, and find out why Ursuline is the right fit for you!

For additional information, contact the Office of Admissions at 504.866.5292 or

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Release Form: I give my daughter permission to participate in Open House at Ursuline Academy on October 26, 2017. I understand that Ursuline Academy is not requiring my daughter to attend and their participation is completely voluntary. I accept the conditions of this activity. My daughter's picture or name may be used in publicity for Ursuline Academy in accordance with the following: Throughout the year, Ursuline Academy publishes articles, press releases and advertisements for publicity and recognition purposes. These publications are coordinated through the Communications Office. All publicity is handled appropriately with adult supervision. Occasionally, candid pictures may appear. All publicity is generated to reflect Ursuline in the best manner possible. I Hereby Release And Hold Harmless Ursuline Academy And Any And All Of Its Employees/students From Any Claims, Demands, Actions, Causes Of Actions, Rights, Damages, Expenses, Compensations, Costs, Reimbursements, And Loss Of Service Of Whatever Nature Which Now Has Or May Accrue Or Arise From Or In Anyway Growing Out Of Any And All Known Or Unknown, Foreseen Or Unforeseen, Injuries, Losses, Bodily, And Personal Damages And Liabilities That Could Occur To My Daughter As A Result Of Allowing Her To Participate In Open House. I have read and understand every item in this release, and by signing below, I agree to be bound by every item in this release.
See exactly why it’s so great on State! Click here to schedule a visit day with us!

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